EDF Luminus stabilizes the power net through automatic turn on/off of production units and customer sites.

The Technology

Business Process Management Suites like OpenText (Cordys) are a collection of tools to support the implementation of BPM initiatives. The goal is to bridge organizational and technological silo’s. Business process automation is achieved through executable process models and integration capabilities. Moreover, BPMS platforms contain functionality to monitor these end-to-end processes.


Balance of the electricity net is of utmost importance. The bigger the imbalance between production and consumption the higher the risk for a black-out. Energy companies dispose of several back-up production units they can activate when necessary. Start-up of these units takes a while and they are rather expensive to run.
Prosumers (= professional customers of EDF Luminus), already delivering power to Luminus, could decide to turn their machine on/off. That would be quicker and cheaper…
The ‘Flexibility’ project allows EDF Luminus to automatically, remotely and temporarily turn on/off these units on request of Elia or of their own traders.


‘Flexibility’ is a webbased tool enabling professional customers to decide whether to buy electricity or to produce themselves.

Crossroad helped in translating the functional requirements and business rules to the technical requirements and performed implementation of several processes:

  • allow the prosumers to view and edit the availability of their production units and the price they request for enabling their machines
  • send all information received from the customers to the ‘Flexibility’ application that steers the units
  • send notifications to the prosumers
  • calculate the invoices based on data received, …

With a clear link between Business and IT ‘Flexibility’ integrates more than a dozen back-end applications of which the invoicing and a link with the Elia-systems.  This innovative project allows to tune the energy demand to the offering at a certain moment in time.


The project was delivered on time and below budget

The prosumers will earn money by detaining some capacity. Whenever they are activated, they will earn another fee for the power they delivered.

All other customers from EDF Luminus and people in Belgium gain from increased stability of the net and lower black-out risk.