Crossroad helped to automate and integrate the accounting services

“Purchase invoice approval has been aligned across all departments meaning a significant decrease in manual work”


Shanks is present in different regions and divisions and offers a complete solution regarding environmental services.

An increased cost-effective approach was needed for their accounting activities by consolidating financial data, automate several manual actions and connect to external accounting services providers.

One of the challenges was the ‘Wood division’ using Navision for their accounting activities. The rest of the organisation was connected to IBS enterprise. IBS enterprise was already the basis for financial reporting and was leveraged with a third-party application for the systematic approval of vendor invoices.

Shanks also wanted to connect to an external public platform to receive the invoices electronically thus avoiding manual work to enter invoice data into the accounting systems.


  1. Research has been done regarding ETL tools. Eventually the Pentaho DI tool was chosen to implement the project.
  2. Pentaho brings financial data together within IBS Enterprise:

The current setup within the Navision accounting application was analysed. The necessary structures within IBS have been created.

An integration model in the Pentaho DI tool has been developed to periodically transfer all invoice related data from Navision to IBS Enterprise. For the ‘Wood division’ the existing benefits (including invoice approval) became available.

Business processes in the accounting department were changed and aligned with the new setup of the systems.

Currently we are integrating the external platform with IBS Enterprise as to electronically receive invoice data directly into IBS Enterprise.


The accounting activities are consolidated within IBS Enterprise, making reporting a lot easier. Purchase invoice approval has been aligned across all departments meaning a significant decrease in manual work as opposed to the old way of working and the first invoices are already available electronically.

In the coming months, more and more invoices will be received electronically. Furthermore, Shanks is looking to extend the integration efforts with Pentaho to other divisions and departments to achieve the same benefits in other areas.