Crossroad assisted Baloise Insurance Belgium to better align its business plans and project/investment portfolio

The Technology

CA PPM (previous Clarity) is an integrated suite of modules that allows your organization to seamlessly manage its services, projects, products, people and financials. It gives your executives a real-time view into their organization’s investments, initiatives and resources, and empowers your managers to deliver controlled and predictable execution of projects and programs. Built on top of the core project and portfolio management functionality are solution-specific modules that support the critical processes of IT Governance, New Product Development and Enterprise Program Management


Baloise Insurance Belgium sought a better alignment of its business plans and project/investment portfolios. This required proactive support for the process of selecting ideas, projects and their follow-up.


Our Crossroad ‘Clarity Champions’ helped Baloise Insurance Belgium to achieve their objectives. This involved:

  • Initiation: alignment of project objectives and scope
  • Workshops:
    • Demo of the capabilities of CA Clarity on-demand
    • Alignment of the TO-BE processes
    • Definition of priority and timing of improvements
    • Validation
  • Implementation and roll-out
    • Templates / portlets / dashboard
    • Communication within ICT and the business


  • Improved quality and availability of Project Status Reports from CA Clarity
  • Better Clarity usability and usage, so that project managers could report project status more efficiently
  • The ability to use Clarity as a central online platform for the Release Committee