Re-thinking the way to deal with investments by implementing best practices and without loosing sight on the impact of the changing environment on the workforce and the management 

The Methodology

Throughout the implementation process we based our interventions on the Crossroad ‘Chariot of Change’. The wagon represents the subject of the change. The passengers embody different reactions to the change, and the track the wagon follows represents the project context. This analogy helped Infrax management to choose the right strategy for change for each department and subsidiary.



Infrax is the only utilities company in Flanders that manages four different public service obligations: electricity, gas, sewerage and cable (TV/internet).

It are challenging times with government spending under pressure, public tolerance for risk almost at zero and customers demanding excellent service.

Given the economic climate and the complexity of a decentralised and highly interdependent structure, Infrax required a major change in the way it dealt with investments. Managing company (and public) assets by setting up investment plans and selecting the right projects is exactly what Crossroad was asked to do.


Together with specialists in risk-based asset management for utilities and based on the methodology ‘ISO9000:2000’ or ‘PAS-55’ we designed a new methodology and risk framework.

That was the easy part…a greater challenge was to bring local workforces and all strands of management onboard with the new concepts, and to translate the methodology into a practical way of working. So we needed to:

  • Create awareness that budgets are limited whenever investment choices are madeChariot of change
  • Communicate the short and longer term benefits to middle management: i.e. better cash management and better risk management
  • Set up an organizational process and structure that facilitated the new way of working
  • Train employees by ‘doing’
  • Translate ‘doing’ into an adoptable work framework


  • Definition of a new methodology and risk framework to be applied as an overall practice
  • Pragmatic translation of the methodology into a practical way of working in co-creation with the work force
  • Clear governance principles and guidelines
  • An engaged work force and middle management prepared to implement the new way of working


Jan Nuyens, Infrax 


“Thanks to the insight provided by Crossroad we achieved our goals, moreover their patience to deal with the different forms of resistance in this complex organization kept everyone on board”