Crossroad helps Mazda to strengthen their IT service delivery fundamentals and the relationship with their key IT suppliers

The Methodology

Throughout the implementation process we based our interventions on the below methodology. Starting from the strategic choices Mazda made previously the requirements and service management levels were defined. This provided a good base for development of the contract and the contract negotiations. A clear governance made it possible for Mazda to monitor the relationship with key suppliers and effectively deal with changes.

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Anticipating the contract ending of a 1st generation IT outsourcing contract and lessons learned from that experience, Mazda wanted to get it right this time.
Thereby they invested to have a contract in place that is able to accommodate change, and setting up governance and processes in a way innovation is not an empty promise.

In scope of this project were key ITIL processes like vendor, relationship and contract management. Increasing process maturity throughout the project and afterwards, during the transition & transformation program, was another challenge.

Mazda Motor Logistics Europe is the logistical hub in Europe. Through national sales organizations, Mazda delivers parts to over 2.000 dealers across Europe. The national sales organizations also rely on Mazda for IT finance & accounting support. To support all of this IT Infrastructure is crucial.


Crossroad guided Mazda throughout the whole process. Thereby providing support both in terms of content as well as project methodology, delivering all material required. Crossroad was also asked to continue to support Mazda during the ongoing IT outsourcing Transition & Transformation program in the areas of process implementation/improvement, change management & communication and architecture & technology.


• A significant and immediate reduction in IT outsourcing costs (+/- 30%) as well as increased financial flexibility as a result of a proper transaction brokering process and selection of intelligent and cost-effective solutions;
• A best practice and modular outsourcing contract that accommodates change and properly sets out roles & responsibilities of both Service Provider and Client, as well as governance that encourage efficient consultation and decision-making;
• Improved and/or newly implemented processes increasing operational efficiency and end-user satisfaction while decreasing costs;

This Mazda-Crossroad project led to strenghten the relationship with Mazda and its key suppliers and prepared Mazda to deliver IT services in such a way that business goals and projects could be supported better.


Alex Janssens, Mazda Logistics Europe 




“We save money and ensure IT readiness for business initiatives through an efficient outsourcing of ICT infrastructure and relationship management.  Professional project delivery, while at the same time being guided towards best practices, is what we got by engaging Crossroad Consultants.”