Re-aligning service processes and supporting systems in order to guarantee a more streamlined end-user support after company growth


Pinguin is a leading international processor of field-fresh vegetables and fruit. As a member of Greenyard Foods it has grown through acquisition to become an international player, with 15 production facilities in six European countries, including Belgium, France and the UK.

Pinguin products are now available in more than 100 countries worldwide.
As a result of this expansion, internal processes and supporting systems needed to be re-aligned. Pinguin rolled out a single ERP image to all its subsidiaries, and with more than 2,000 employees, it was obvious that this would create a need for formalised end user support.


Crossroad was asked to advise Pinguin on the organization, processes and supporting tools for the new support system. The processes we recommended are based on a pragmatic implementation of CObIT5 and ITIL principles and best practices. For the tooling, we studied several options before picking a shortlist of four service management platforms, both in the cloud and on-site. An important starting point for the assignment was to assist Pinguin’s growth towards best practice in incident, problem, service request and change management.


We helped Pinguin to develop a clear vision of where and how the company will evolve and gave them the tools to continue growing through different stages of service management maturity.