Service operations performance improvement and cost savings by identification of variances in the process execution


An international security services company and its dedicated ERP software provider wanted to explore the actual performance of customer service operations and the possibility and feasibility for predictive modeling.


Our unique Crossroad market offering  allows for effective process conformance and performance discovery. Data analytics and visualization, including pattern recognition, are techniques applied to explore very large amounts of event data for assurance services and to discover improvement opportunities. A similar approach and comparable tooling is used to monitor the effect of improvement actions.

We conducted a Crossroad business improvement exploration project:

Step 1: with the support of the software provider, we did the extraction of the intervention execution data of the past 2 years, across all clients and all types of interventions.

Step 2: data analytics and visualization techniques, including pattern recognition, were applied to explore very large amounts of event data and to discover improvement opportunities. (A similar approach and comparable tooling can be used to monitor the effect of improvement actions)

Step 3: By linking the people, location, time, weather conditions and traffic, (high) performance variances in service execution were made clear.


Multiple business improvement opportunities were discovered, such as:

  • Immediate cost savings in streamlining intervention operations – by identifying the process execution variances
  • Improved reporting accuracy through identification of possible data quality improvements, linked with time recording using a diverse range of fixed and mobile devices (clock drift)
  • Revenue growth opportunities following additional insight in the realised service levels
  • New and compelling sales support material for the client, based on factual performance measurement and SLA Range Testing