Customers are very satisfied with the service Carglass offers by day, but the numbers were lower for the service provision at night. Carglass asked Crossroad to find out what the cause was and how to improve their service provision at night.

“… we adjusted, deleted some and added other touchpoints that fit the needs of the customer better”


Carglass is a service provider repairing broken windscreens in cars: a 24-hr provider you can count on 365 days a year if your screen is cracked or chipped. The company’s strong reputation totally depends on the quality of service and the experience a customer has at this very unpleasant moment. Carglass already had a popular and well-regarded service – and Crossroad was asked to make the customer experience even better for their service at night.


First we analyzed customer profiles (persona), service touchpoints and did extensive field research. It became clear that the dominant feeling people had in this situation – discovering a break in in your car – was unsafety. This negative emotion coloured the entire experience.

By crafting journey maps in the second phase of the process, we adjusted, deleted some and added other touchpoints that fit the needs of the customer better. One of the main interventions we crafted was a small tool that helped the customer plan everything that was needed after a break-in in a car. This intervention is based on the fact that emotions diminish when people can keep busy in a rational matter (eg planning what to do the next few days). This way the feeling of unsafety would disapear and make room for the feeling of control and peace of mind.


These interventions had the impact Carglass was counting on: customers now score the nightly service significantly better.
The collaborative approach also gave the company’s management insights into how teamwork, changes to organisational structure and administrative procedures could improve the experience of the client. Modeling the new operation using prototypes allowed them to forecast the effects on their quality of service.