Care is the secret sauce in today's (business) world


It’s time for New Years whishes. If there is one thing I would like to wish is that there would be more caring in the (business) world.


care for yourself

We live in a world where we are triggered and seduced to believe that the urgent things are the most important. It leads us to believe that we can give up the foundations of health, happiness and success: clean food, enough sleep, regular exercise, downtime (in nature) and above all caring for your loved ones. The quality and depth of intimate relations has the most significant impact on our long-term success and happiness.Cocacola


care for what you do

Steve Jobs was inspired by his adoptive father, Paul Jobs to focus on craftsmanship and how his father refused to use poor wood even for the (invisible) back of his cabinets “For you to sleep well at night, the quality, has to be carried all the way through.”

Too many people are in jobs they only do for the money and/or where they feel they can’t make a difference.

When you care about what you do success is not what you get from your work, it is what you give with your work. Money and prestige are secondary.lama


care for your coworkers

Some people say “everybody needs a best buddy at work”, while others say you don’t have to be friends to work together. I tend to follow the first group. Intense teamwork is impossible to achieve if you don’t care about your co-workers as persons. Colleagues and leaders need to have a level of security and intimacy to be able to give feedback, have constructive debate, etc.


care for your customers

As a service designer caring for your customers is obvious to me, even though it has become pretty rare. I always think of an “old school” general practitioner doctor when reflecting on customer care. These people make you feel like you are the most important patient in the world (although you might have the most mundane condition).crap


to conclude

personal leadership (care for yourself), purpose (care for what you do), employee engagement (care for coworkers), customer experience (care for customers) are all dependent on how much caring there is done in the organization and I believe these are success factors of the future.

By Jurgen Tanghe