Driven like an Entrepreneur

Taking ownership, feeling responsible for the result. Being proud when seeing your part in a customers’ success and knowing how to harvest on ideas. It takes the extra mile, but when a TEAM succeeds, it’s the best reward one can get.

Solid like a Rock

A consultant has to be trustworthy in making plans and keeping appointments. He or she has to be there when needed, listens, reflects, advises and guides colleagues and customers to higher levels of performance.

Curious like a Child

The world changes, faster and faster. Seeing beyond the obvious, seeking for new trends, identifying new opportunities; it all starts with something we got as a child. We should never loose our curiosity and never stop asking questions.

Serious about Fun

Crossroad is a “playce” to be. Once the results are obtained we like to have fun. On a Ski-trip, Whiskey tasting, The Hercules Trophy or a table tennis game during lunch break. Fun is a part of life at work. The better the results, the more room for fun.







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