“All our people are ambitious in their growth. They are willing to inspire others and accept challenges. Such a workforce attracts like minded people and we are glad and willing to invest in their growth.”- Carmen Cordier, President of the Board

On a turning point in her career Carmen made an important decision. She had the choice to take a well-deserved sabbatical or to go ahead and start a brand new company.

Inspired by her father, the late John Cordier, Carmen created a new start-up. John Cordier was a well know entrepreneur and a tireless hard-worker. He combined two full time jobs and was always on the outlook for new opportunities. John was passionate about football (soccer) and guided KV Mechelen (Mechelen is the home base of Crossroad) towards great national and international successes in the eighties.

Like father like daughter… Carmen graduated as civil engineer and got an additional MBA at Oxford University. In 2007, together with Peter Van Laer, she started Crossroad. In this she was supported by Daisy and Paul (sister and brother) and the experienced Jan De Schepper. Today, all of them are still the main shareholders of Crossroad.Picture1

Until today the inspirational example set out by John, makes up the identity and values of Crossroad. Our culture is defined by hard-work, passionate entrepreneurship, fun and, above all, a childlike curiosity.

The growth track record of Crossroad is superb. A beautiful list of references, created in major companies, was build with the unique value proposition. The results Crossroad obtained, together with a professional approach guaranteed a trusted relationship with its customers.

Thanks to this spirit and power, Crossroad withstood all storms during the subprime crisis of 2008, followed by the financial crisis of 2010. Even better, the Crossroad management took the opportunity to expand its offering.

In 2012 Crossroad acquired and integrated Kite Consultants in its offering. Kite was a pioneer in service innovation and organizational change management. It made the puzzle complete.

Today Crossroad is able to support its customers end-to-end. We help our clients excel in all service aspects, from design over automation and organization.

Even more, with the acquisition of bpi3 in 2014, Crossroad integrates the methods for process improvement and innovation, backed by a unique and in-depth data analysis.

After this amazing jumpstart, Crossroad currently counts 50+ people!

To be continued…

Crossroad Fact sheet

Founded: 2007
Integrated Kite Consultants NV in 2012
Integrated bpi3 in 2014
President of the Board of Directors: Carmen Cordier
Managing Director: Peter Van Laer
Directors: Jan De Schepper, Paul Cordier, Daisy Cordier
Employees: 50+
Turnover: > €9,0 mio